Objectors are standing firm in their views against proposals for a new eco-therapy park near Auchinleck.

National Pride UK's controversial proposals were rejected by East Ayrshire councillors following a knife-edge vote earlier this year after concerns were raised about the environmental impact of the plans.

The company submitted a 'proposal of application notice' (PAN) in May, which it says signifies its intent to submit a new application for 'planning permission in principle'.

Planner say they intend to launch fresh plans with the local authority before the end of this month.

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Despite the initial plans being knocked back, public consultations taking place and new plans in the pipeline, objectors remain adamant that not enough has been done to take into account the environmental aspect of the plans.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) have been against the plans for some time, and they say that the latest move from planners has done little to convince them to change their mind.

SWT representative Bruce Philp, who lives in Ochiltree, said: "I think, overall, not enough has changed with what they are planning.

"I went along to the consultation and some of the people were quite vague about various things relating to the plans.

"It's annoying that it seems like it will be virtually the same application as before, very little has changed."

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Mr Philp added: "I noticed there was very little mention about the wildlife, which was one of the main reasons the plans were rejected in the first place.

"We had some communication with them in the first place, but it seemed to us like they just wanted to be able to say they had consulted with us, rather than listening to anything we had to say.

"We said at the beginning that we think this is an inappropriate development on this site and we weren't going to get involved in a discussion about this.

"As I've said, nothing has been done since that first meeting to convince us anything different will come of these plans, and we aren't going to change our minds."

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A National Pride spokesperson had said: "At each event, it was our opportunity to address any questions regarding the development’s potential impact on the site’s ecology and explain the concerted efforts the development team is undertaking to create a balance between humans and nature."