A Mauchline shop owner has changed her mind about closing her shop, due to the overwhelming local support she's received.

Sharma Lee, owner of the Sharma Lee Spirituality shop on Loudoun Street, had decided to close up last month due to health reasons.

However, due to the incredible local support since the news, Sharma Lee has decided to keep the shop open - and has even hinted at some future upgrades.

Cumnock Chronicle: Sharma LeeSharma Lee (Image: Sharma Lee)

Having only opened the shop in Mauchline in May, the owner had some health issues which meant she had to decide whether to keep the shop open or not.

Having initially made the decision to close, Sharma Lee then said she had customers begging her to remain open, with some even offering a helping hand to keep the business going.

The owner said: "I made the difficult decision due to health reasons because I didn't think I would be able to continue on with the shop.

"But when people found out that I was going to close, I had people coming in and begging me to stay open because it's something different in Mauchline.

"I even had people offering to take me to hospital and work in the shop if I needed them to.

"That level of support was unbelievable and made me decide to keep the shop open."

Cumnock Chronicle: The shop in MauchlineThe shop in Mauchline (Image: Sharma Lee)

Sharma Lee added: "It's a case of go big or go home and I'm so grateful for everyone who has supported me from day one.

"If it wasn't for the people of Mauchline and beyond pushing me on then I would be closing the shop.

"Not only have I decided to stay open, but I have some plans over the next few weeks to make the shop bigger and better and keep it improving.

"Mauchline has lost, and is going to lose, some great wee shops recently, so it's nice to be able to keep it here, but it's all because of the support I got from the public.

"It's been like nothing I could have imagined."