The company behind plans for a wellness park on the outskirts of Auchinleck has said that it plans to resubmit an application to East Ayrshire Council later this month.

National Pride UK's controversial proposals were rejected by East Ayrshire councillors following a knife-edge vote earlier this year after concerns were raised about the environmental impact of the plans.

The company submitted a 'proposal of application notice' (PAN) in May, which it says signifies its intent to submit a new application for 'planning permission in principle'.

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Following this, two public consultation events were held- one in Ochiltree and one in Auchinleck.

National Pride says that all responses to the consultations will "be responded to in full in the Planning Application submission to East Ayrshire Council later this month."

Former miners of the Barony Colliery attended the events, with developers hopeful that their input can play a part in plans for the site.

Cumnock Chronicle:

A company representative said: "The directors and development team for the proposed Eco-Therapy Wellness Park at The Barony ex coal field site, Auchinleck, would like to thank all those that attended the recent public consultation events in Ochiltree in June and in Auchinleck.

"At each event, local residents and ex-workers of The Barony took the opportunity to express their comments, suggestions and concerns, which are invaluable to help us further refine our proposed development plan."

National Pride's hope is that a decision will be made on their proposed resubmitted plans at an East Ayrshire Council planning committee in December.

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Their spokesperson added: "At each event, it was our opportunity to address any questions regarding the development’s potential impact on the site’s ecology and explain the concerted efforts the development team is undertaking to create a balance between humans and nature.

"It was also, at both events, a pleasure to meet ex-workers of The Barony and for them to share with us tales and memories of the ‘Barony spirit’ and what it meant to the community.

"As part of our desire to incorporate a museum of mining and community memories within our proposed plans, we would like to hear from ex-workers and their families to tell the story of The Barony, the community, the banter and the camaraderie. 

"Such memories, we believe,  should be preserved for future generations and our contact email for any contribution is"

If anyone was unable to attend the consultation events in person and has a query, suggestion, comment or concern, they can contact developers on the email address above.