Cumnock History Group (CHG) are looking to create a project to bring the past back to life.

The group is popular among locals for sharing old photos of Cumnock from yesteryear.

Now they're looking for the public to get involved in their newest project, comparing Cumnock from today, to that of the olden days.

CHG want to find anyone who can take photos of certain areas of the town. They will then compare them to a handful of old pictures from that same area.

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They are arranging a meeting to discuss the plans to take this project forward on Thursday, March 23 at the Barrhill Centre at 7pm.

A group spokesperson said: "We have noticed that people really love looking at old photos of Cumnock and reminiscing. Our town has changed vastly over the years, especially the town centre.

"Younger people may not even recognise where exactly the old photographs were taken from.

"Our proposal is to attempt to retake the old photos from the same position and compare them, possibly using an app which morphs or slides from one to the other.

"We would carefully select 20+ old photographs to be retaken. ”Old” photographs could be as recent as 2016 before town centre redevelopments."

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They added: "We need help getting this organised, as well as people to take the photographs. Let me know if you want to be involved in any way.

"Bring along any old photos you have that could be suitable that still have some point of reference.

"Our first meeting to discuss how to proceed and select suitable photographs to recreate will be at the Barrhill Centre on Thursday 23 March at 7pm.

"Anyone interested in taking the photos is welcome but, especially at this stage, people with some photographic and techie knowledge too.

"This might appeal to community groups."

You can find out more about the project and getting involved by going to the Cumnock History Group Facebook page.