An Auchinleck man has thanked the community for their support following a flat fire that destroyed all of his belongings.

Lee Mcauley has been forced out of his home after a neighbouring flat was set on fire when "significant disorder" erupted in the village last month.

One property in Heathfield Road and one on Old Avenue were damaged by fire during the incidents on November 24 and 25, that have seen eight people arrested and charged.

Cumnock Chronicle: Lee was gifted a variety of items fallowing the fire.

Lee lived above one of the properties that was targeted, and his own flat suffered severe damage as a result.

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Lee's sister Stacey said her brother was forced to leave the flat with only "the clothes on his back".

Temporary accommodation was originally earmarked for Lee in a hostel, but he has since found a new place to live closer to his family.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Stacey said: "Lee was in his house when the fire started downstairs.

"He had been getting settled for the evening, shut his blinds, made a cuppa and settled down to watch the football.

"He had no interest in the goings-on outside.

"Lee was lucky enough to be out the house by this time, as his good friends across the road had phoned him to get out the house.

"The property has been ruined, and all Lee was left with was the clothes on his back. Everything else is gone."

Cumnock Chronicle:

With the community well aware of what had been happening, Stacey put out an appeal for anyone who could spare anything to help her brother.

Posting on Facebook and sharing in community pages, the people of Auchinleck and surrounding areas quickly responded to the plea.

Since then kind-hearted residents have donated everything to get Lee set up in his new home - from a bed and white goods to a sofa, furniture and just about everything else in between.

Stacey added: "Lee was told to call for a crisis loan after losing everything and was awarded £140 and told to use food banks.

"For someone who has lost everything I think it's a disgrace."

Overwhelmed by the response, Stacey said that Lee and the rest of their family will forever be grateful.

Cumnock Chronicle: Fire services were called in Auchinleck.Fire services were called in Auchinleck. (Image: NQ staff)

Stacey continued: "The offers and goods received was massive, ranging from young to old people offering goods, transport and advice.

"Lee will be forever grateful and can't thank all these people enough.

"He would also like to thank the Nest wellbeing group, who gave him vouchers to get new clothes and gave him support and use of the van to collect things

"Lee is overwhelmed. The community has been amazing.

"I thank every single one of you for getting back to me on the appeal I put out.

"People always have negative things to say about our wee communities, but when something bad does happen, they always stick together.

"Their help will stay with us as a family forever and we'll be forever grateful."

Eight people, including a 13-year-old boy, have been arrested and charged in connection with last month's disorder.