A section of road between Cumnock and Ochiltree appearing to have collapsed has been earmarked for repair, according to roads bosses.

An area of the A70 near to the entrance to Dumfries House has had a temporary railing set up along it.

The condition of the road can be seen from within the Dumfries House grounds, with the erosion apparently having been caused by heavy rainfall.

Cumnock Chronicle: The condition of the road.The condition of the road. (Image: NQ staff)

Drivers are still able to drive along the road in its current condition.

The road has been described as a "death trap" by some drivers, after images revealed the extent of the damaged road.

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Now, Ayrshire Roads Alliance, which maintains the road on behalf of East Ayrshire Council, have said that the road has been added to the repair programme.

However, no official date has been set for when this will be carried out.

Kevin Braidwood, head of roads at the Ayrshire Roads Alliance said: "We have identified an area on the A70/110 – Causeyhead Bridge (at entrance to Dumfries House with 18m of parapet damage, MASS barriers were put up overnight on Sunday and we've  added the site  to Capital programme for repair."