A section of road between Cumnock and Ochiltree has been described as a "death trap" as images show part of it appears to have collapsed.

A temporary railing has been set up on the A70 near the entrance to Dumfries House.

The condition of the road can be seen from within the Dumfries House grounds, with the erosion apparently having been caused by heavy rainfall.

Cumnock Chronicle: The condition of the road.The condition of the road. (Image: NQ Staff)

Drivers are still able to drive along the road in its current condition.

However, some feel that replacement work should be carried out as soon as possible.

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One woman from Cumnock who approached the Chronicle about the issue said: "The condition of the road is an absolute shambles.

Cumnock Chronicle: The road is still open.The road is still open. (Image: NQ Staff)

"You can see the state it's in from within Dumfries House and you can see how part of the road and what looks like part of the bridge has collapsed.

"There's so much rubble lying in the bushes that I'm surprised the road has been passed as safe to use and they're still letting cars along this part.

Cumnock Chronicle: The condition of the wall.The condition of the wall. (Image: NQ Staff)

"It's all well and good putting up a bit of fencing, but all it would take is another bit of heavy rain and I'm sure even more of the road would start to fall away.

"There's absolutely no way the road can be stable with the way it looks.

Cumnock Chronicle:

"Something needs to be done, because it's an absolute death trap."

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance, which maintains the road on behalf of East Ayrshire Council, has been contacted for comment.