A SOLUTION is in sight to concerns over speed limits on the A76 on the outskirts of Mauchline, a local councillor has announced.

Linda Holland has been fighting for more than a year to have a 30mph limit at the northern edge of the town extended.

With help from MSP Carol Mochan and residents of the Hillhead Heights development, Cllr Holland has announced her fight has ended in victory.

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The Ballochmyle ward councillor said that while no official date of when the change will be happening, confirmation came through from roads bosses, Amey that it will happen at some stage.

Cllr Holland's mission started when people living in the Hillhead Heights development raised concern at the speed limit on the trunk road.

They were worried that the 30mph limit on the A76 doesn't come into effect until drivers heading into Mauchline from the north have already passed by the new homes.

Together, they have been pushing to have the 30mph zone extended, so that cars are already slowed down by the time they pass the houses.

Amey approved plans to move the sign last December, and told Cllr Holland that it only required sign-off from Transport Scotland before it can happen.

Cumnock Chronicle: Councillor Linda Holland and MSP Carol Mochan had been out speaking to residents.Councillor Linda Holland and MSP Carol Mochan had been out speaking to residents. (Image: Councillor Linda Holland)

Cllr Holland added that this is not the only changed being considered.

Although not part of the change she was seeking from from Amey and Transport Scotland, discussions are ongoing about reducing the speed limit in the area to 20mph.

No indication has been given on where this limit would start and end.

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Cllr Holland said: "I can confirm that I have received, in writing, from Amey, confirmation that the 30mph sign at Hillhead Heights is being moved.

"There are also ongoing discussions in relation to a 20mph speed limit being brought in, but these are only discussions at the moment.

"I have worked hard on getting this sign moved, after being asked by some of the Hillhead Height residents, and I am happy that it is finally being done.

"There is no definite date yet, unfortunately, but I will keep everyone up to date regarding this.

"In relation to the 20mph speed limit, I would just like to clarify, this was not part of my original ask to Amey and Transport Scotland - they may have decided this was the best way to look at the issue."