Concerned residents of Mauchline's new Hillhead Heights estate have described the main road into the town as a "death trap".

The fears were raised as Ballochmyle councillor, Linda Holland, and South Scotland MSP, Carol Mochan, were out speaking to residents last week.

Cllr Holland and Ms Mochan MSP have been fighting on the residents' behalf for over a year to have the 30mph speed limit sign pushed to the outskirts of the town.

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When speaking to those living in the new estate, one resident even said they are considering moving out of their new home because the speeding issue coming into Mauchline from the Kilmarnock side is so dangerous.

Key to the worries of those living in the area is that some cars do not properly slow down until they are passed the enctrance to their estate, and that there is nothing to deter drivers from speeding.

One resident said to Cllr Holland: "The road is an absolute death trap waiting to happen, it’s scary and noisy to live on this road.

"My children and I walk on the path daily and fear our safety all modes of transport speed and so many accidents have happened on the A76 someone needs to listen and change needs to happen."

Cumnock Chronicle: Residents had concerns over safety. Residents had concerns over safety. (Image: Councillor Linda Holland)

Another angry local said they are planning on moving out of the estate.

They told the councillor: "Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you hard work in trying to solve the speeding problem we have with these drivers on this stretch of road.

"However, in my opinion, I do not see it making any difference in moving 30 mph signs further back as these drivers completely ignore these.

"There are 40 mph limit signs already in place for 7.5 tonne vehicles further back and this makes absolutely no difference to them whatsoever.

"The only thing that will slow these drivers down is speed cameras as the speeding limit signs get completely ignored.

"I fully understand that there is only so much you can do and obviously this has been going on for many years, I just wish I had done my homework on this location before purchasing this property. 

"My partner and I have decided that things are not going to change here and have decided once the estate is finished that we are going to sell as we have had enough of the speeding and the road noise."

Cumnock Chronicle: Out chapping the doors.Out chapping the doors. (Image: Councillor Linda Holland)

Cllr Holland said that more work must be done to solve these concerns.

"This is only a sample of the comments I received, either in person, or via e-mail, and we chapped every door on the estate during the surgery," the Ballochmyle representative said.

"The general feeling is that, although moving the sign and providing a buffer zone is a step in the right direction, more needs to be done to slow the vehicles down, especially coming into Mauchline from the Kilmarnock side. 

"There were various ideas suggested, which Carol Mochan MSP and myself will be passing on again to the relevant bodies. 

"The people living to the back end of the estate have obviously less issues with the road noise, but they all had concerns over the junction, in that it is the only vehicular entrance and exit to the entire estate."