Upgrades have started on a popular Mauchline shop that only recently made the decision to stay open.

Sharma Lee, owner of the Sharma Lee Spirituality shop on Loudoun Street, had decided to close up last month due to health reasons.

However, due to the incredible local support since the news, Sharma Lee has decided to keep the shop open.

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The shop has temporarily closed- but only to allow upgrade work to be carried out.

Having only opened the shop in Mauchline in May, the owner had some health issues which meant she had to decide whether to keep the shop open or not.

After initially making the decision to close, Sharma Lee then said she had customers begging her to remain open, with some even offering a helping hand to keep the business going.

It's hoped that the refurbishment will take around two weeks to complete, and the  Sharma Lee will be ready to show off the fabulous new shop.