Work is to be carried out to improve safety on a "death trap" road in Sorn.

Residents of the village have often complained about a section of road on Main Street close to Sorn chruch.

There are often reports about car accidents and close calls with people walking along the road.

Now, after some help from a local councillor, it seems like something might be getting done.

Cumnock Chronicle: A car flipped on its roof in Sorn in 2020, but nobody was injured.A car flipped on its roof in Sorn in 2020, but nobody was injured. (Image: NQ Archive)

Councillor Linda Holland has contacted Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA) about ongoing discussions relation to work to be carried out in the village.

ARA's response to the Cllr said: "ARA Traffic and Design have compiled a package of works at this location to be completed at some point this year.

"Our Design Teams bridge works will include the construction of a small footway on the downstream side of the Bridge to allow pedestrians to travel from Sorn Castle to the village and avoid walking on the carriageway as they are currently doing.

"The bridge and retaining wall parapets will be increased in height to make the new footway safe for pedestrians.

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"Anti-skid surface dressing to be applied on both bends on both sides of the road as you enter the village which will help deter vehicles exiting the carriageway due to loss of traction.

"The existing double bend warning sign will be upgraded with an electronic double bend warning sign accompanied with SLOW DOWN message on one side only before you enter the village.

"Minor signing works as you exit the village to highlight the bend at the church."

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Cllr Holland also asked about information on accidents relating to the site.

ARA said to did not hold information on "damage only" incidents.

According to their records, there have been no ‘injury only’ accidents at this location in the last five years.

The last accident they have at this location was in October 2017 and the casualty received slight injuries.

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Despite this, ARA told Cllr Holland that they are aware of the many vehicles that seem to be involved in ‘damage only’ accidents recently at this location.

No date has been set for many of the work to take place.

However, the electronic vehicle activated double bend warning signs on both approach are set to be installed next month at the latest.