There was no change at the top of East Ayrshire Council as a number of senior officials were all re-elected to their posts.

In the final council meeting before the summer recess, the appointments for provost and leader were confirmed for the year ahead.

Council voted for the composition of cabinet to remain the same, with cabinet spokespersons also remaining unchanged.

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Councillor Jim Todd was re-elected as provost, Councillor claire Leitch was re-elected as depute provost, Councillor Douglas Reid was re-elected as leader and Councillor Jim McMahon was re-elected as depute leader.

Further appointments will be confirmed in due course.

The current political composition of East Ayrshire Council is: Scottish National Party (SNP)- 14; Scottish Labour Party- 10; Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party- 4; Independent- 3 and Rubbish Party- 1.