Council bosses have said they plan to "step up patrols" to deal with ongoing parking issues in Cumnock.

Residents have voiced their annoyance over cars parking on Townhead Street on a loading bay.

This causes "total congestion" on some occasions, according to drivers in the town.

We reported on this story last summer, after readers accused others of being disrespectful.

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East Ayrshire Council said at the time that they would aim to patrol the area at different times, to deter the illegal parking.

However, the problem seems to have continued, with the problem now being described as "pure ignorance".

One person said: "The people are now parking wherever they want from the start of Townhead Street right up past Timbermills.

"The traffic is struggling to move because of it and it is causing congestion.

"There are three big parking lots and no one is using them.

"I have complained to the council repeatedly and they do nothing, they told me they have to show up for 20 minutes before they can do their job, which give people enough time to move."

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Parking is available at the nearby Asda car park, as well as even closer at Farmfoods and next to the former precinct.

Another angered driver added: "It's pure ignorance because most of the time it's not even people who need easier access.

"A lot of the time it's work vans or people too lazy to walk 100 yards from the car park behind Greggs.

"The council need to be stricter about this issue, because it's utter bedlam at the weekends".

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East Ayrshire Council say they are aware of this issue, and they will be aiming to step up their work to stop this from happening too often.

A council spokesperson said: "Although we provide regular patrols throughout the week, some people are still parking in this area when the patrols aren’t there, despite the fact that there are car parks nearby.

"To help address this issue, we will be refreshing the road markings over the summer and we will step up the patrols to try to deter this from continuing."