ROADS bosses have pledged to clamp down on the illegal use of parking spaces in one Cumnock street.

The use of a loading bay in Townhead Street by people who use it not for loading but to go shopping nearby has sparked an angry response from one Chronicle reader.

The bay, outside Timbermills hardware store, can be used by anyone for loading purposes but is not intended for any other use.

One resident, who asked not to be identified, sent the Chronicle a picture of a red pickup parked in the loading bay last week without any sign of loading actually taking place.

The reader said: “People park like that who don’t have respect or consideration for other people.” according to one angry Cumnock resident who says the parking situation on Townhead Street has needed addressed for a while.

Townhead Street outside of TimberMills has a loading bay which can be used by anyone.

However, it is the people who park in the loading bay to access nearby shops that are causing driving headaches for many, according to a nearby native who doesn’t want to be named.

She said: “You see it almost every day with cars, work vans and all sorts of people parking in that loading bay to go into the bank, Greggs or any of the other shops.

“It genuinely beggars belief that people are so lazy that they have to cause unnecessary congestion on this road, when there are literally two big car parks right behind the shops.

“It can cause mayhem driving towards Asda when there are cars parked there that aren’t supposed to be there.”

Road bosses in Ayrshire have said they are doing all they can to stop the illegal parking in areas of the town like this.

Barrie McDonnell, team leader at the Ayrshire Roads Authority, said: “The red pickup in the image would be booked for parking on the restricted part of the street.”

Discussing Townhead Street Cumnock with the parking supervisor this week, he commented that when he visited the area last week there were no issues whatsoever.

He added:

“It may well be the case that there are incidents of illegal parking when the team aren’t in the area. We will continue to patrol at different times throughout the week to make sure that parking regulations are complied with.”