Cumnock Chronicle readers have been reminiscing about what they miss about the area.

We asked readers to share one thing they would bring back to the area that is no longer here, and the responses were plentiful and widespread.

We've put together a list of some of the most popular response.

Have we missed any?

Cumnock outdoor pool

Cumnock Chronicle: Alan Woodison's image shared with Cumnock History GroupAlan Woodison's image shared with Cumnock History Group

By a significant margin the most popular answer to our question was that Cumnock's outdoor pool would be the first thing to return.

Officially closing in 2003, the pool made way for Visions Leisure Centre to replace it as the place to go for a dip in the area.

But many would love to it return, and have shared fond memories of meeting pals and family at the popular venue.

Stoddarts Bakers

Cumnock Chronicle: Image- Cumnock History GroupImage- Cumnock History Group

Sat on Glaisnock Street, the site of this once popular Bakers is now no longer there.

In its way now stand massive metal pillars holding in place the faulty building that has been causing headaches for drivers since last October.

A lot of readers loved popping into Stoddarts.

Mauchline Games Hall

Cumnock Chronicle: Mauchline Games HallMauchline Games Hall

Closing for good at the end of 2019, the games hall was once a place for many birthday parties, badminton clubs and football teams to enjoy.

Residents would love to bring it back to give kids a place to play and exercise, especially during the summer months.

Now the area is set to be replaced by new housing.

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Cumnock Picture House

Cumnock Chronicle: Image- Cumnock History GroupImage- Cumnock History Group

Another VERY popular suggestion was the return of the old Cumnock picture house.

Demolished around 2015, this venue would've been the setting for many first dates, family nights and great nights in its later form as a bingo hall.

Railway stations

Cumnock Chronicle: Image- Re-open Cumnock Railway Station Facebook pageImage- Re-open Cumnock Railway Station Facebook page

Both closing in 1965, many would like to see the return of Cumnock and Mauchline railway stations.

This has been an idea that has been mentioned recently, as they both lie on a Government list of stations to be potentially opened or re-opened.

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Cumnock Chronicle: Image- Save Broomfield Playing Fields and Running TrackImage- Save Broomfield Playing Fields and Running Track

Making way for the building of the new Barony Campus in 2018, a lot of people have been sad to see Broomfield go.

With the new running track and football pitches being fenced off, and only available at a cost, many feel that youngsters have even less options to spend their time now.

Many football tournaments, as well as Cumnock's Highland Games, have been held here.

It was a great place to be in its day.

Auchinleck Academy/Cumnock Academy

Cumnock Chronicle: Top image- Neil Given. Bottom image- Glenn GemmellTop image- Neil Given. Bottom image- Glenn Gemmell

Some of our nostalgic readers would like the see their old schools brought back to life.

Cumnock Academy officialy closed in October 2020, before demolition started shortly after.

In its place now lies part of the car park for the new Barony Campus, as well as the setting for new playing fields.

Also closing in 2020, Auchinleck Academy still stands today.

However, its future use is yet to be decided, with the leisure centre at the rear of the school still fully operational.


Cumnock Chronicle: Cumnock banksCumnock banks

As has been reported in the Cumnock Chronicle in the past, readers would like to see more banks reopening in the area.

Over the past few years, Cumnock has gone from having four bank branches to now only having the Bank of Scotland branch on Townhead Street, with the Royal Bank, TSB and Clydesdale all having closed their facilities in the town.

Although all the buildings remain in tact, it is only the former Clydesdale Bank building in The Square that has any future plans, with it set to be turned into a restaurant.

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Highland Games

Cumnock Chronicle: Cumnock Highland GamesCumnock Highland Games

With no games since 2019, many would love to see Cumnock's Highland Games make a return.

After moving from Broomfield playing fields to the Woodroad Park in 2019 due to the building of the new Barony Campus, the Games were then put on hold due to the pandemic.

With no word on if they're set to return any time soon, who knows when we might see some of these great events back in Cumnock.

Have we missed anything that you'd like to see back in the area? Share it with us in the comments.