CONCERN is growing in Mauchline at the prospect of more than 100 new homes being built in the town.

East Ayrshire’s proposed new local development plan earmarks a site on Sorn Road as potentially being suitable for the building of 92 new homes – while plans have already been approved for new ‘supported living’ facilities on the site of the former games hall on Mauchline Road.

But it’s the prospect of nearly 100 new properties on the Sorn Road site that is worrying local residents the most – even though East Ayrshire Council says no application has yet been lodged seeking permission to build on the land.

A petition has been launched, citing concern at the impact on wildlife in a bid to stop the site being designated for housing in the new local development plan, as members of the public are asked for their views on the designations for future development.

People in Mauchline have been sharing their frustration at proposed plans to build over 100 new homes in the town.

Planning applications have been approved to build new supported living facilities on the Mauchline Road site where the games hall once sat.

As well as this, as part of Proposed Local Development Plan 2, 92 have been earmarked for development on Sorn Road.

The latter of these plans has cause the most issue with residents, with many Residents have voicing their opinions on social media about issues such as school and GP capacity.

The public can respond to the plans by accessing the East Ayrshire Local Development plan webpage by 4pm on Friday, July 22.

One social media user wrote: “I think the doctors and school placement need to be looked at as at moment both appear to be under pressure.”

“However as a local business I would welcome more customers.”

Another added: “The last thing Mauchline needs is more housing. They turned down the chance to build a bigger school at the top of Station Road, now the council want to build houses on it. Why not let the people of Mauchline decide?”, have an open meeting and let’s bring someone from the planning department”.

A council spokesperson said: “In terms of Sorn Road, Mauchline, this site has been identified in the Proposed Local Development Plan 2 as a future housing growth site and the council can confirm that a planning application has not been received for this site.

“Future Housing Growth sites are not being invited for development within the lifetime of Local Development Plan 2, but instead simply represent the likely preferred direction of growth post 2028.

“The council would urge all residents, community groups, developers and local businesses to have their say on the LDP2.”