Parents at Sorn PS remain concerned about staffing issues at the school after receiving a letter last week which they feel hints at the introduction of two composite classes after the Summer holidays.

This means pupils would potentially be split into a p1/2/3 class and a p4/5/6/7 class, prompting fears that a further reduction in staff may be on the cards which parents say would be detrimental to their children’s learning.

Last month, the Chronicle revealed that pupils are being asked to accept their seventh head teacher in a year and a half, with parents reportedly considering moving their kids to Lochnorris PS in response.

One mother said this week that “given the amount of temp heads so far in a year and a half this is upsetting the parents”.

She said: “The school is going down the pan. Nobody is getting back to us or fighting our corner. One parent I know applied for Lochnorris at the weekend. She’s got two kids in the school. It’s falling like a stack of dominoes.

“How many head teachers are we going to end up with?

“What ends up happening in these composites is that p7 will end up helping p4 to do their work because the teachers asked them to.”

However another parent said she is happy with her child’s experience at Sorn PS, saying: “Despite the change of head teachers, the beauty of the school for us will always be its ability have focused learning in smaller groups, which far better suits our child, its beautiful setting and the focus on using the natural surroundings for outdoor/health and environmental learning.

“We have faith in the robust training of the teachers, who will help our child to learn, alongside us as parents, with our families and the myriad of other opportunities we will expose them to in their lives. It’s not a school’s (or a head teacher’s) job alone to teach or guide my child.”

A council spokesperson said: “East Ayrshire Council is aware of the concerns that have been raised around staffing at Sorn Primary School and would wish to take this opportunity to re-assure parents, and others, that we have, and will continue to put in place appropriate arrangements that will ensure that the education for those children is provided in an appropriate manner.”