A MUM is furious after learning that the current head teacher of Sorn PS will be leaving to take up a new post in the local authority area after the summer holidays – with pupils now being asked to accept their seventh head teacher in a year and a half.

Parents say they were given assurance that the current head teacher’s instatement in the school would be a permanent one following the recent staff upheaval.

The parent says that ushering in new head teachers every few months is disrupting pupils’ education and wellbeing as they are constantly being asked to get used to each teacher’s way of working.

The trust in the school has become so depleted that parents are reportedly considering moving their children to Lochnorris PS, with some fearing that the school may close altogether.

The mum said: “We feel left behind and like we’re just a stepping stone. The head teacher was given the post on the understanding that she would remain there until it become permanent.

“It’s a kick in the teeth for her to be given another post. Several parents are contacting Lochnorris about moving their kids there.

“There are only around 28 kids in the school and a lot of parents have two kids there.

“All it takes is for five parents to move them and then half the school is emptied.”

She added: “The kids get very upset. They get to know the head teacher and then they’re gone. God knows how the other teachers must feel working in an environment like that. We feel lied to.”

A council spokesperson said: “East Ayrshire Council recognises that there has been a recent turnover of headteachers at the school and would like to re-assure parents, and others, that the council has, and will continue to, put in place arrangements to ensure that the education for those children who attend the primary school is provided in an appropriate manner.”