The Ayrshire District side are reeling after a meeting held this week to welcome new committee members saw only TWO offers for help.

The club - formed in 1878 as Lugar Boswell - are still in the mix for promotion from the Ayrshire District League but first and foremost the club has to fight for its very survival.

The Chronicle revealed last week how club stalwart, Kennie Young, was leaving after 40 years associated with the team for health reasons.

Now, following Sunday’s meeting, serious doubt has been cast over the future of Lugar if no new committee members come forward.

The Chronicle understands that the Bunnets will see out the season, but their registration for the 2015/16 season in uncertain.

Kennie Young said: “If no help is forthcoming between now and the end of the season, it is almost certain that Lugar Boswell Thistle will be wound up and will not take out membership of the West Region of the SJFA for season 2015/16.

“At this moment, I am totally heartbroken over this, but even if I was fit enough to continue, I reckon that without help this would still be the outcome.

“I sincerely hope that there are people out there that do not want to see the demise of this great club and will step forward very soon before it is too late.

“I would like to take this chance to apologise to George Grierson and Kevin Deeney for placing them in this position and again I hope people get involved quickly enough to give them assurances that Lugar will continue. It would be a shame if Lugar lost out on their services as along with Gary Russell and George Walker, they would be a massive loss to any team. Despite what some people seem to think of them, I know exactly what type of guys they truly are. None of them have taken a penny for their services but instead they actually put money in to the club and have been working tirelessly building the club and getting them where they are, one of the top three clubs in the District League and still in with a chance of promotion, a slight chance maybe following yesterday’s results elsewhere, but a chance nonetheless.” Boss George Grierson was due to meet with his squad to put them in the picture at a training session on Monday evening.

The Rosebank Park side - one of the oldest junior clubs in the country - have been on the lookout for new volunteers for several seasons but it could prove to be too late to save the side.

Bunnets gaffer George Grierson fears for the clubs future, but is adamant that he will be there till the end and that adds that little bit more incetive for his side to go and win promotion.

He said: “It’s fundraising the club needs and that depends on the right people coming in.I really fear for the club, especially after Sunday’s meeting.

“I spoke to the players on Monday night. If this is the last game for Lugar Boswell we want to go out on a high and I think there’s a twist still to come in the league.

“I told the players, if we can get the club promoted then it makes it much more attractive to businessmen.

“The boys are motivated but this has only added to that, they want to do it for Lugar and for Kennie. They are all gutted that we are faced with this prospect. They all have the club at heart, but if I’m being realistic then I do fear for the place.” Grierson claims that the stricken club needs businessmen capable of generating funds. He said: “It’s not easy having three big clubs on our doorstep. What the club needs are people who can generated funds. If you go with a sugardaddy then great, but that will all come to an end eventually, you need people to come in and make the club self sufficient and raising its own funds.” “Kennin has been calling me apologising about the situation, but I don’t hold him responsible one little bit. He’s been trying to take on too much. He has been doing everything himself for so long and been great for the club, but Kennie is not responsible for the position the club is in and I think there are many clubs in exactly the same position.” Anybody looking to step forward and help Lugar Boswell Thislte should contact club treasurer, Shirley Bradford or speak to Kennie Young who will pass your details on.