MUIRKIRK darts star Cameron Menzies has his sights on playing darts full-time after his "heartbreaking" exit from the World Darts Championship.

The 34-year-old was the talk of the Alexandra Palace stage on opening night as he played his match against Rusty-Jake Rodriguez only hours after working at his full-time job.

Menzies shared snaps on social media of the way he started the day of his first round tie - working a shift as a plumber before setting off to the 'Ally Pally'.

However, it was something 'Cammy' credited for helping on his way to an assured 3-0 win.

It was a win that meant a lot to the world number 63 who as well as securing a spot in the second round also retained his Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) tour card as a result on the win.

He told the PDC after the match: “I never thought this would happen. I know I was working today but it kind of chilled me out.

“I knew that game [the first round] meant a lot, winning that game meant the world to me.

“Going to work was just to chill me out a little bit, it made me realise it’s not the be all and end all.”

Unfortutnately the 34-year-old was brought back down to earth with a bump when he lost 3-1 to world number 11 Dave Chisnall the following day - a match Menzies said felt like "a missed opportunity".

The Scot had claimed the first set in a confident fashion, winning 3-0 in legs and maintaining a three-dart average similar to his opponent.

But it was woes on the outer ring that ultimately cost Menzies, who hit only seven doubles of the 34 he attempted throughout the match.

It was that statistic which Menzies says is keeping him from reaching his ultimate goal in darts.

He told the PDC: “Obviously I would like to be in a situation where I can give up my job and take this full-time, but I’ve got a long way to go.

“We [lower ranked players] can score as good as the best players in the world, but what makes them better than us is they can kill games.

“They change games with one finish. That’s why they’re world champions.

“From 201 down, that’s why they’re top ten and why I’m where I’m at.”