CUMNOCK Juniors have rubbished claims directed at the club following their Scottish Junior Cup final win.

Reports on social media sites this week suggested that a number of players from the club were embroiled in an alleged incident at a local hotel following their victory at Broadwood on Friday, June 2.

However, after days of claims circulating, the club have today, Thursday June 8, moved to quash these allegations.

While they have also condemned those circulating the claims - urging them to consider the potentially harmful impacts on those involved in the rumours.

The statement said: "It has come to the club's attention that stories are circulating on social media platforms that are both harmful and damaging, not just to the football club, but to all parties purported to be involved.

"After consultation with all parties, the club have found no evidence, based on social media postings, or from any footage, that bears any semblance to or that could support those social media postings.

"The club are satisfied that the claims made are false.

"At this time the club requests that before commenting on any stories circulating, individuals give thought to the hugely negative and potentially harmful effect social media can have on individuals' lives before it becomes more serious.

"The club will not be commenting any further and we are looking forward to the new season."