Muirkirk manager Kevin Muirhead says the West of Scotland Football League (WoSFL) should be back in action alongside the returning Scottish leagues.

Last week’s announcement from the Scottish Government saw Scottish League One, Two and Women’s Premier League allowed to return to training and consequent league resumptions in the coming weeks.

However, those were the only leagues that were allowed to return as the WoSFL continues its now almost two-month ongoing suspension.

Speaking to the Chronicle, Muirhead said: “What difference does it make for a League Two club to come back and start training than it would for Muirkirk, Johnstone Burgh, Lugar to start training again.

“It is not as if they are full time professional clubs that remain in a bubble, they go to work the same as our players.

“To be honest, it has been frustrating for a long time in terms of the information coming from the Scottish Football Association being poor.

“Cancel football or restart football, it is time they made a decision. We are now into March and there is no way any league campaign is going to get finished in time now. “

Despite Muirhead’s concerns on completing the season, the WoSFL are sticking by their guns with their last statement in January reinforcing their aim to get the full season completed across all the leagues.

In that statement they also said their fall-back option, if they are unable to play all the remaining fixtures, would be getting to a stage where all the teams in each league will have played each other at least once.

Muirhead said: “I don’t see the point in coming back now, the only reason would be to try and get someone promoted out of the Premier Division, what is the point in the Conferences going?

“Everyone would be just going out of their way to help Clydebank, so it doesn’t make any sense.”

“The players haven’t trained now since before Christmas and by the time we got them up to speed, then started competitive football, it would be well into April.”