Logan Boxing Club chairman Brian Briggs says the club are desperate to get back into the gym again with lockdown completely shutting the club down.

The club did manage to return after the end of the first lockdown with social distancing measures in place and reduced class numbers.

However, the latest lockdown at the start of the year has meant the club has been forced to stop training again, with boxers currently training by themselves at home.

Speaking to the Chronicle, Briggs said: “The boxers know they can do exercises and circuit training at home; however, it is not a sport you can do online to any great extent. A lot of them don’t have their own punch bags and they can’t get into the club to do pad work or sparring because we would need to have a trainer there.

“It is very limited what they can do, and it has basically shut us down completely.”

It has been a tough time financially for the club as well with reduced numbers being able to come through the doors but rising costs to ensure the club could meet the COVID-19 guidelines set up by Boxing Scotland.

That, alongside affiliation fees to Boxing Scotland, Briggs says means he has had to put his own money into the club to keep it going.

He said: “We’ve have struggled, a lot of the time I have put my own cash into certain things at the club.

“Thankfully a few of the parents have stepped forward and helped us out with donations, paying the affiliation fees which keeps the club part of Boxing Scotland.”

On the positive side however, the club could be boosted when it is finally allowed to reopen by the return of one of its most successful products, Zara Cameron.

Cameron won gold in several events for the club as a youngster with Briggs saying she is looking to return to the sport again post lockdown.

He added: “She won the Scottish Novice Championships and then went on in the same year to win the Scottish Open at youth level. Unfortunately, college work and then her job made her boxing commitments drop a little bit. Zara has spoken to us and said she wants to come back when we reopen”