Former Glenafton Athletic boss Craig McEwan admits he is “sad” the way his time at the club ended but says he has “moved on” after he joined St Cadoc’s.

McEwan left the Glens last month after a 10 year spell as a player and then manager after the committee’s decision to withdraw from the league season, which took him completely by surprise.

However, the ex-Glens boss is already back in management after joining Conference B side St Cadoc’s and has snapped up more than 10 of his former players from Glenafton after the club decided to release their players following their withdrawal.

McEwan told the Chronicle: “I am not one for living with regrets.

“What happened at Glenafton happened but it has opened a new door and challenge for me and I am very excited about the project at St Cadoc’s.

“I spent 10 years at Glenafton so for me it was always going to be hard leaving.

“I have made friends for life and I still speak to people from the club.

“We had some great times so it has been hard but I have moved on.

“It was sad the way it ended. Glenafton need to move on and I need to move on.

“The club will always hold a special place close to my heart and I’ll never forget it.

“For me the focus is now about assembling a squad at St Cadoc’s.

“Glenafton have been terrific because they have released every player so hats off to them in terms of giving players the chance.

“I have brought 11 players from Glenafton and they are all signed until the summer. They have been great. I could have brought in every player but I had to see what was already at St Cadoc’s and there are some terrific players there.

“For the players I have brought in from Glenafton those boys just wanted to play football.

“It’s going to take a few weeks for them to get up to speed as they missed out on a few weeks of training before they came in.

“Realistically, we have a Premier Division squad although there is no promotion this season but for us it’s about trying to win the conference and winning a trophy which will set us up well for next year.”