The Cumnock Juniors Community Enterprise Leadership Academy has now officially been running for five years.

The program, delivered in partnership with East Ayrshire Active Schools, focuses on developing a wide range of skills in young people through volunteering in local school and community sessions and attending various National Governing Body training awards throughout the year.

Development of personal qualities such as confidence, respect and tolerance, communication, and motivation, help to equip these young people with leadership skills they will need.

Many have made the transition from volunteering to employment with Cumnock Juniors Community Enterprise while other sports organisations have also benefited.

Groups such as Kilmarnock Community Sports Trust, Ayr United Football in the Community, Cumnock Rugby Club,and yipworld have all recruited volunteers from the Leadership Academy for positions within their organisations in the last few years.

Scott Guy, Active Schools Co-ordinator said: “These young people have been a real asset to Active Schools and CJCE sessions. Their attitude and application over the last year has been excellent.”