CUMNOCK Juniors boss Tony McInally says the stop-start nature of training so far this summer has been hugely frustrating.

Before the enforced training pause for 10 days until August 24, the Nock managed just one training session together.

And this had impacted McInally’s plans to gel his new squad of players together.

However, his frustration had been added to by reports of other teams allegedly flouting training rules.

He told the Chronicle: “All the starts and stops have eaten into the time we have to get a squad together and build a team spirit.

“We’ve not been able to come together as we’d have liked to.

“The boys have had individual training of course but we’ve actually only had one training session together.

“I know other teams have flouted rules and have had more, so that’s incredibly frustrating.

“I think they’re out of order and they need to realise they’re having a negative impact on the game. They’re not keeping themselves or families safe.

“We’ve had all of the protocols in place, we’ve ensured all the of the players were socially distanced when it had to be like that and overall the club has followed the rules to the letter.

“There’s other teams who have been up public parks, using bibs and even playing contact games when it’s not allowed. It’s just utterly stupid.

“Our boys have been staying safe, which we’re delighted about. They’ve all been looking after themselves and just following the guidelines.

“Our players our sensible lads. There’s an onus on the management team to keep the players safe, there’s an onus on the club to keep the group safe and then there’s an onus on individuals to keep themselves safe.

“No one wants to put anyone in harm’s way.

“We were on our way to training that Thursday evening when training was postponed until August 24.

“It’s been really difficult with no re-start date in place yet. I’ve had to redo my pre-season planning about three times already because of all of the stop-start.”