NEIL McPherson Solicitors in Kilmarnock have kindly offered to pay the travel expenses of the entire all-conquering Kello squad for their Scottish Cup quarter finals journey to Beith on Saturday, February 22.
Neil is ex-chairman of Darvel Juniors and a friend of Kello manager Scott Clelland whom he contacted Scott after the draw to put forward his offer, it’s a magnificent offer that Kello have gratefully accept.
A massive thanks to Neil.
Meanwhile the team’s giant-killing exploits in the Scottish Junior Cup last 16 have been immortalised in print.
Nan McKenzie of Nith Valley Embroidery has produced t-shirts, which read: “Nine men went to now, went to mow the Meadow.”
She heard chat on social media the day after the game and contacted the committee who said it was OK to go ahead.
So far 20 have been sold. The club get four pounds a t-shirt and players got theirs for nothing."