ONE lapse of concentration cost Cumnock the points in a tight match at Cambuslang Rangers.

Ironically, the team had identified a possible threat prior to the match but failed to deal with it on the day, losing 1-0.

Manager Peter Leonard said: "During the week, we had worked on their striker Gemmell peeling off the defence at the back post.

"And, what happens? He loses his marker, scores the goal, and the whole game changes.

"They then had something to hold on to and, to be honest, we just huffed and puffed and were poor upfront.

"We were resorting to a long ball and losing possession in the middle of the park, which was not ideal.

"It was a frustarting day because, the way results have been going recently and the form we have been in, we should be coming here and doing better."

There was very little between the teams as they cancelled each other out until the costly error which resulted in the crucial goal.

Leonard added: "We set up so that we would be hard to break down today and changed the shape a bit.

"I thought that in the first half we played well and started controlling the game and had a few efforts on goal - one or two just over the bar.

"We certainly came out in the seond half a lot more confident.

"You could argue that we were missing Carmicheal today, albeit that's just one player, but he does make a difference as he is a talented young man.

"But the players are gutted, because we worked so hard during the week on how well organised we were going to be.

"That was the case for every set-piece, apart from that one occasion when we switched off and they scored.

"Because we mark one-on-one the mistake was down to one individual and he has put his hand up to it."

Despite the result, there were some positives for the Nock manager to be satisfed about.

He said: "There was a lot of nice football, we got the ball down and played some nice passes and although we lost Keiren Wood, Craig Reid came on and gave us an added option.

"Kyle Faulds also did well - you are struggling to pick anyone who had a bad game which is an odd thing to say.

"But, if we are going to compete at the top part of this league we have got to cut out the silly mistakes."