EXCITING rules have been introduced to spice up the recently-revamped Sectional League Cup even more.

At the West Region Management Committee meeting held last Tuesday, the criteria for deciding the winners of the groups in the league cup was agreed.

And the ideas are very similar to senior football’s Betfred Cup.

Should a game end in a draw after 90 minutes, a penalty-kick shoot-out will take place.

The team that wins the shoot-out will be awarded a bonus point on top of the point earned by drawing the match.

Teams that win in 90 minutes will still receive the full three points while the losing team get no points.

Group winners will be decided thereafter on:

1 Points

2 Goal difference

3 Goals scored

4 Head-to-head points

5 Head-to-head goal difference

6 Head-to-head goals scored

7 Drawing of lots.

The new format league cup gets underway on Saturday, July 28.

Meanwhile, dates have been announced for the Scottish Junior Cup, up to the semi-final stage.

Round 1: September 15

Round 2: September 29

Round 3: October 27

Round 4: November 24

Round 5: January 16

Round 6: February 23

Semi Finals: March 30 and April 7