CUMNOCK Rugby’s Rab Donald has been named as Scottish Rugby’s Volunteer of the Month for October after he helped save the life of an under 18 player.

The 51-year-old came to the rescue last month when one of the Cumnock players collapsed due to a heart condition. Rab’s quick thinking allowed him to use his first aid training to give mouth-to-mouth to the player until paramedics arrived.

It was an incident Rab will never forget. He said: “It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen on a rugby pitch.

“I’ve taken a few first aid courses through the club and work but you never think you are ever going to have to use them.

“Unfortunately, on this occasion I did and, thanks to the actions of all the coaches and staff at Cumnock and East Kilbride, the player involved is now on the road to recovery.

“Cumnock has played a big part in my life and I’m just delighted to still be involved in all the great things going on at the club.”

Rab has enjoyed a long history with Cumnock after he first donned a black and red shirt 30 years ago. He has since introduced sons Zak and Luke to the sport and, after hanging his boots up three years ago, he now coaches the U18 side and helps with the youth teams at the weekend.

Cumnock Rugby Club president Mark Linden, said: “Rab is a legend around the club with both young and old. He is a fantastic role model, friend, all-round good guy and inspiration to everyone who knows him.”

Throughout his playing career, Rab won four league titles with Cumnock and once selflessly sacrificed a squad place in the run up to a cup final to ensure that the best young talent at the club could flourish in a pressured environment.

Club development officer, Harry Reilly, said: “Rab is an inspiration at the club with his commitment to not only the teams he coaches personally but to every other aspect of the club.

“He is one of the best coaches at the club with Strength and Conditioning and the UKCC Level 2 qualifications. He is undoubtedly the most popular coach with the boys that he coaches, too.”

Rab is now in with a chance of being named BT Club Volunteer of the Season and claiming the £1,000 prize for his club at the annual Scottish Rugby Club Awards Dinner.