A YOUNG rally driver from Muirkirk is gearing up for the crucial final leg of the Junior 1,000 Ecosse Challenge.

Amy McCubbin sits third in the standings knowing that a good result in Anglesey next month could see her take second in the championships.

The 15-year-old is eager to end the season on a high to help her prepare for next year.

Amy said: “Anything could happen. I’d be happy with a top five but I’m third at the moment. It all depends with the drop scores because everyone drops their two worst scores.

“The season has had its ups and downs but I think we’re starting to find our feet now.

“We started in a different car and changed in the middle of the season.

“I’ve been enjoying it really much, I love it. I’ve been able to do it since I was 14. It’s really enjoyable and teaches us discipline like when you’ve had a bad day but you need to keep on going.

“Anglesey is my favourite event. It’s really big and it has night stages which are held in the dark.

“It’s multinational because it brings the English and the Irish championships together with the Scottish.

“It’s not just Scotland, it’s Wales and England and Ireland as well. You meet everybody and everybody talks to you and it’s like you’ve always known them.”

The final rally on Anglesey takes place on the weekend of November 25 and Amy’s dad Marc thinks she’s in good shape despite the slight hiccup brought on by the change in car.

Marc said: “She was doing okay at the start but in the last few rallies she has fell back.

“We’ve made a few changes in the middle of the season that we probably should have left to the start of next season. We’ve built a brand new car and changed navigators as well. It’s going well though.

“I think the championships are great for everyone, it’s a great opportunity. It teaches them a lot of discipline and they do a lot of media training and training courses.

Marc added: “I really want to thank all our sponsors, the Cobble Shop, Five Star Vehicle Deliveries, One Stop Golf Shop, Hollybush Inn, Nielsen Scotland, Images Gifts and Beauty, Kerr and Smith, A&C Cameron of Arran, J&S motors, Digb and all the championship organisers and EACC for their continued support.”