JUNIOR football in the West of Scotland is about to have a massive shake-up.

Clubs voted by a margin of more than 4:1 in favour of changing the outdated league structure from neaxt season, 2018/19.

The current Super League sturucture of a 12 team Premier Division, 14 team First Divison and regionalised feeder leagues will be scrapped in favour four divisions of 16.

Following on from the professional leagues, the new divisions will be called the Premiership, Championship, League One and League Two.

Of the 12 teams in the Premier Division this season, 10 will be guarenteed a spot in the new Premiership with the bottom two facing a play-off.

The top four teams in the First Division will be automatically promoted with fifth and sixth playing-off against the bottom two Premier Division sides.

There will be no automatic relegation from the First Divison either with the top three in the Ayrshire District League and the Central District First Division promoted to the new Championship.

The bottom two in the First Division will play-off against the teams finishing fourth in the Ayrshire District League and the Central District First Division.

Fifth, sixth and seventh in the Ayrshire District League will join the two play-off losers and 11 Central District sides in the new League One with the rest being placed in League Two.

The motion was passed with a huge majority of 49 to 12 at the SJFA West AGM last night, Wednesday June 28.

Arrangements for cup competitions will be decided in due course.