Janey Godley has shared an inspiring message with fans in a video posted on social media today.

Godley has openly documented her health journey since being diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer last year.

Sitting outside Eusebi's Deli with her dog, the comedian addresses her Twitter followers directly while sipping a coffee in her latest update.

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She said: "I have to be incredibly grateful that I got a clear scan the last time I got scanned.

"But, I'm also very very aware that the type of cancer that I had has a 70 to 90 per cent chance of returning and that is quite a blow cause you think 'well what do I do now'?"

Godley goes on to encourage her fans to live life to the fullest in an emotional speech saying: "Well, you live! You live for the time you've got. "

"You get out, you enjoy your life and you try and keep as strong and healthy as you can until the next time some other piece of f****** s*** is flung at you then you deal with that.

"So, on one hand, I've got a clear scan and then, on the other hand, I'm acutely aware that stage three ovarian cancer is a pretty persistent b****** but I'm enjoying life as it is right now and that's what's important."

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The comic ends the video by smiling triumphantly and removing her hat to reveal that her hair has started to grow back in following treatment for her cancer.

The video has amassed thousands of likes on Twitter with one person saying: "Janey, I thank you for your posts.

"As my cancer journey begins, I look to you for inspiration."

Another added: "Great philosophy, you can only tackle what's in front of you at present and not be too concerned about whatever the future may hold.

"Enjoy the present and good luck."