A rider was left with a shredded left arm after escaping a horror bike crash.

Brave Danyon Hume has revealed the "carnage" of smashing into three other riders during a Edinburgh vs Glasgow speedway derby race on Friday, July 29.

The 26-year-old, who is signed to the Glasgow Tigers speedway team, was advised by paramedics to sit out the rest of the races but refused and got back on his bike.

Danyon made a lucky escape

Meanwhile his teammate Craig Cook, 31, reportedly suffered two dislocated thumbs and the Edinburgh riders were allegedly left with a broken collarbone, dislocated right shoulder, and a broken finger.

It comes as the sport involves four to six riders competing on fuel bikes with no brakes over four anti-clockwise laps of an oval circuit up to 70mph.

Near the start of the derby the four riders collided while trying to turn a corner, resulting in a “domino effect” crash in front of an audience of around 800 people.

The domino effect took the teams out

Picture taken by George Mutch

Danyon was left with severe grazing

Danyon told the Glasgow Times there was “no room for error” as the crash took place in Armadale which has a “small tight track”.

He said: “The crash was like a domino effect. We just went into each other.

“I was sandwiched between two riders and got shot forward and hit another rider, it was carnage.

“I walked away with a great big gravel wrap on my arm, but I came off the lightest.

“Paramedics told me not to ride because it was pretty bad but since I could move it I knew it wasn’t broken.

The crash left all four riders injured

Picture taken by George Mutch

“It was the local derby between Edinburgh and Glasgow and I knew Craig, my teammate, had had to withdraw so the pressure was on.

“I didn’t want to let anyone down so I decided to grin and bear the pain to keep going.

“The adrenaline helps and after it I went out and won the next race so that helps.

“It is one of those sports where you just need to accept the risk, crashes can happen because the bikes have no brakes.”

Picture taken by George Mutch

Picture taken by George Mutch

The crash happened at the Armadale Edinburgh Monarchs Stadium during the very first race of the local derby meeting.

A spokesperson for the Glasgow Tigers Speedway team confirmed it was unusual for all riders in a race to be injured in a single crash.

Danyon was injured during the race

Speaking to the Glasgow Times, a spokesperson said: “It is very unusual for all four riders to be injured in a single race, they all just fell on top of each other.

“The first rider went down and then it was just a domino effect as they all crashed into him, they couldn’t avoid it.

“Crashes happen but normally it is just two or three of them and they get up and walk away to continue, but this was much worse.

“These guys are all full-time professional speed riders, they know what they are doing.”