International travel is getting easier after months of uncertainty, however did you know you still have to fill out a passenger locator form?

Before arriving in the UK, travellers must complete a form detailing where they have been and where they are travelling to. 

This applies to everyone coming to the UK from abroad, even if you are only transiting through the country.

Here's everything you need to know about filling in the form and travelling to the UK from abroad...

What is the passenger locator form?

You must complete a passenger locator form within 48-hours before travelling to the UK. 

You’ll need to show this form when you check in to travel or board your plane, train or ferry to the UK.

If you have not filled out the form, you could be denied travel. 

The form asks for details of where you have been, vaccination status and where you are going. 

What do I need to complete the form?

To complete the form you’ll need:

  • your passport details or the travel document you’ll use when you arrive at the UK border
  • your travel details, including times and dates
  • the address where you will stay in the UK (if applicable)
  • booking reference numbers for any COVID-19 tests you must take after arriving in the UK
  • the invoice number for your quarantine hotel booking if you need one
  • to say whether you are vaccinated and where you were vaccinated

You can fill out your passenger locator form here

What are the current testing rules for returning to the UK from abroad?

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are following a four nations approach to international travel, meaning the rules for all four countries are the same. 

If you are fully vaccinated you are still required to take a test within two days of arrival in the UK, however this can now be a lateral flow test instead of a PCR test as previously required. 

Lateral flow tests are cheaper than PCR tests. 

If you are not fully vaccinated, you must take a test before travelling to the UK, book and pay for tests for day and day 8 after arrival and quarantine for 10 days. 

You will also be required to complete a passenger locator form.