Two leading Ayrshire charities have been given vital funding by the Barrack Charitable Trust.

Harbour Ayrshire and the Ayrshire Hospice were among 25 charities who received support from the Trust in their latest round of donations for 2024.

Harbour Ayrshire, which tackles addiction problems across the county, received £1,500 to go towards their Men’s Only Time project.

Their funding officer Andrew Downie said: “Harbour Ayrshire work at the core of the Ayrshire community to tackle the effects of addiction and its underlying issues among the most vulnerable men and women coming from the most deprived communities.

"Thanks to the support of the Barrack Charitable Trust we will be able to continue and develop our MOT programme (Men’s Only Time) which brings men who need support to tackle their issues and the charity, together with our beneficiaries, are most grateful for the valuable support.”

Harbour AyrshireHarbour Ayrshire (Image: Barrack Charitable Trust)

Trust chairman James Barrack said: "We are deeply honoured to support Harbour Ayrshire.

"We recognise the importance of providing comprehensive support to those struggling with addiction, particularly in our most deprived communities. By contributing to this essential cause, we hope to help create pathways to recovery, healing, and brighter futures for the men and women who need it most."

The Ayrshire Hospice has received £1,000 in funding for the Terraform wheelchair-accessible garden. This raised garden will allow individuals with reduced mobility to engage in horticultural therapy as part of their palliative care.

Established in 2009 by Knight Property Group founder and chairman James Barrack, the Trust aims to assist organisations cope with the decrease in charitable donations for specific projects due to the economic climate faced at the time.

In recent times, this has been increasingly vital, with a total of £52,000 donated to charities across Scotland by the Trust, which is solely supported by Knight Property Group.