Sanquhar and Kirkconnel's new community officer says he is looking forward to being able to serve the community.

Hailing from the area, PC Eddie Hewson has joined the Upper Nithsdale community policing team as community officer for Sanquhar, Kelloholm, Kirkconnel and Wanlockhead.

Soon to be out and about in the area, PC Hewson is excited to be meeting new faces and helping the communities thrive.

PC Hewson said: “I am excited to begin my new role as the Upper Nithsdale community constable, serving, supporting, and assisting our local communities.

“Being from the area and having previously worked as a response officer in Dumfries and Upper Nithsdale, I feel a great personal commitment to the position.

“I look forward to being able to serve our communities and contribute to their safety and wellbeing.”