A popular Sanquhar chippy has sadly announced it will be closing next week.

The Wee Chippy on High Street made the announcement this morning that it will close for good due to rising costs.

It officially opened last year and had become a popular eating place within the community.

However, the owner has said that the cost of living crisis has led to the decision to close the shop before they go into debt.

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Announcing the news, they said: "So guys, it’s with heavy heart that I’m writing this post. But as of next weekend I'm closing the chip shop.

"As you all know current cost of living is crippling the country, me taking on the chip shop last year was probably crazy but if you know me, I love life that way.

"This year has been stressful to say the least but as a single mum running a shop and a home, the financial income coming in does not meet the needs for me with the hours I put in and not prepared to get into debt for it. So I have decided to call it a day.

"If anyone who is interested in taking over the chip shop who may have a second person supporting their income, I am willing to discuss this and the landlord has agreed.

"Also there is scope to buying the property.

"I have enjoyed putting my own twist on the chippy and serving you all my food and the feedback has been touching and emotional to say the least.

"But as a mum I have to do what’s best for me and mini me.

"Much love and tears".


So guys it’s with heavy heart that I’m writing this post. But as of next weekend im closing the chip shop.As you all...

Posted by Wee chippy on Wednesday 3 July 2024