A Mauchline family has had their world turned upside down after  both of their daughters were diagnosed with the same serious illness.

Lynne Carruthers and Ryan Cochrane's daughters, Riley and Georgie, are both battling leukaemia.

Four-year-old Riley became extremely unwell over Christmas 2022 and, following tests and hospital visits, she was diagnosed in February of last year.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Then one-year-old Georgie was given the same diagnosis last month.

Both girls are being treated at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow.

Georgie is currently in hospital full-time, as she is at the beginning of her treatment, with Riley about one year in.

The family say that further genetic analysis will be carried out to try and find out if there's a reason behind the double blow.

Cumnock Chronicle: The loving sisters together.The loving sisters together. (Image: Submitted)

Lynne's sister, Gillian, has set up a fund-raising page to support Lynne and Ryan so that they can be by their daughters' sides throughout the treatment.

Gillian told the Chronicle: “Georgie is currently full time in the hospital just now and she’ll be up there for around five to six weeks.

"Riley is in her maintenance period, so she’s been going up once or twice a week for treatment.

"Currently, they’re all staying up in Glasgow, so this is just to help cover the costs of travel, accommodation, food and things like that.

“Lynne gave up her job so that she can be with them as much as she can, and it’s difficult for Ryan to work, because if the two girls are in hospital, then one of the parents need to be with each of them.

Gillian said the family are doing their best to be positive even though they can hardly believe what they're going through.

Cumnock Chronicle:

"They’re pretty much overwhelmed right now," she said.

"Everything is a bit of a blur.

“They’ve been through the treatment and they already know the basics of it, so they’re just trying to keep on top of things.

“We’re all so grateful for the donations already and any future donations that come in, because it will be such a boost.

"They are only looking forward and planning to take them to Disney once they're through all the treatment and clear to travel."

So far, a massive £4,600 has been raised on Gillian's fundraising page, with that number rising.

A separate fundraiser has been set up by Janice Logan, who is raising money to donate to the family by climbing Goatfell on Arran his summer.

You can support Gillian's efforts by going to tinyurl.com/cochranesistersleukaemiafight.