Netherthird could soon be getting a new inclusive playpark following work from the community council and a local councillor.

A section of the playpark, next to Glaisnock Valley Bowling Club, is currently fenced off.

Concerns surrounding the park's flooding issues have been ongoing for a while, with Netherthird & District Community Council and Councillor June Kyle working to bring something new to the area.

The community council has been lobbying to have the park upgraded for some time.

Cumnock Chronicle: Councillor June Kyle has helped to make it happen.Councillor June Kyle has helped to make it happen. (Image: Councillor June Kyle)

An initial meeting took place at the end of last year between Cllr Kyle, members of the of the community council and East Ayrshire Council's Greener Communities team.

The primary aim was for repairs to take place at the park, and sort the flooding issues in the future.

However, in the past week Cllr Kyle received word that the overhaul will be going one step further, and a whole new playpark is in the pipeline.

Cllr Kyle said: "The team at Netherthird & District Community Council do a great job and have been wanting some upgrades in the area for a while.

"An initial meeting took place around November or December of last year and I was asked to go along to offer some support.

"The park is wrecked and it's always flooded so it's a huge shame for the kids in the area."

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The Labour representative added: "We've tried two or three times to try and get some repairs.

"When we asked for repairs at the meeting and for specialist equipment to be added for kids who need a bit more support, we were told that will be costly but that it would be looked into.

"We were extremely, pleasantly surprised that we'll now have a nice new playpark built in place.

"It's a brilliant community and they deserve to have new nice things, especially for the kids when they're off school and things like that."

Cllr Kyle is hopeful that the playpark will be in full swing by late spring or early summer time.

in the coming weeks and months, workers are expected to begin work on the current park, by cordoning it off and removing the equipment in place to make way for the upgrades.

Cllr Kyle is also currently working on plans to have street lighting installed on the path between Blackfaulds Road and the area where the playpark currently sits.

It's hoped that this can be pushed through in the coming months.