THE winning names have been announced in an Easter raffle held to help a community larder in Catrine.

The winners in the Easter raffle in aid of Ma Broon’s Larder were drawn by Mary Bunting on Monday morning.

The prizes, and their winners, are as follows.

Basket with biscuits, Pamela; basket with sweets, Sebastian; bottle of Glen’s vodka, Sally Glencross; bottle of perfume, Laurie Farrell; bottle of Tequila Rose, Marie Mc; Bayliss and Harding gift set, Caroline; bottle of gin, Joe Kelso.

Candle, Betty Hopkins; snack bowl, Irene Robertson; basket of sweets, Chris Harman; bottle of sherry, Andrea Dobie; candle in white box, Fiona Elliot; small sweet basket, Jimmy Klehoe; clear quartz crystal candle, Leanne Muir.

Sanctuary spa kit, Alison Kerr; scarf, Betty Hopkins; Bucks Fizz, T. Boyle; sweet basket, Alison Whiteside; Prosecco, Andrew McNaughton; gin glass, Ross Gibson; book 1, Brogan Hunt; gin, Chris Gorman; jewellery in white gift bag, Sean.

Twighlight candle, Alan Gardener; pink gift set, Sharon Tonner; Victoria’s Secret bag, J. Knapp; book 2, G. Gordon; small perfume, Kate Miller; Pristeen gift voucher, Tam Alexander; big Easter basket, R. Kane.

All prizes can be collected from the A.M. Brown Institute next week, though prizes won by staff at the Loch Lomond Group will be hand-delivered by Sharon Tonner.

The larder has been in operation since February 2023 and is open on Tuesdays from 2.30-4pm and Thursdays from 5.30-7pm to give a helping hand to all those in need in the village.