Staff, leadership and setting have all been celebrate in a recent report published on Catrine Early Childhood Centre (ECC).

The Care Inspectorate recently examined life at the ECC, by speaking with children, staff and parents from the centre.

Overall, inspectors found major strengths in the operating of the facility in Catrine.

Staff were described as "warm, caring and nurturing", which the watchdog said supported children to feel loved, safe and secure.

The inspection team gave the centre ratings of 'very good' across the board, including the quality of its care, play and learning, and the quality of its setting, leadership and staff team.

Last year, the ECC went through a refurbishment, including a brand new outdoor area.

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The centre's setting was also highly commended in the report, as it was said to provide children with rich play opportunities, supporting their overall wellbeing.

Parents the inspectors spoke to were also full of praise for staff at the ECC.

One parent said: "I like that my child feels included and enjoys their time at the ECC.

"I like that the staff are caring and welcoming and provide advice and support".

Another added: "The warm, caring, nurturing environment is so welcoming to children and parents alike.

"The staff all know the children well and have clearly spent time developing relationships and building a rapport."

The head teacher of Catrine Primary School is the named manager of the service and a deputy manager is based on site within the early childhood centre.

There was also glowing feedback for the leadership team in the report.

Another parent said: "The manager is very approachable and friendly and definitely has the experience, skills and knowledge as well as the dedication to care and support my child's learning."

The inspectors said: "Staff were warm, caring and nurturing, which supported children to feel loved, safe and secure.

"Staff knew children very well and responded to their needs sensitively. Children were happy, having fun and participated in high quality play experiences.

"Access to the well resourced garden area provided children with rich play opportunities which supported their overall wellbeing. The newly renovated environment was safe, clean, homely and well-maintained to ensure children's safety.

"The leadership team were passionate and committed to their role to help ensure positive outcomes for children and they were clear about their individual roles and areas of responsibilities.

"Staff worked extremely well together to create a welcoming environment. They were nurturing, friendly and caring.

"Staff valued relationships at the heart of their work and they were passionate about ensuring positive outcomes for all children."