Ayrshire's bird lovers will be unable to view Loch Doon's popular ospreys this year due to camera issues.

For the last decade, visitors to Loch Doon, near Dalmellngton, have been able to watch a live stream from cameras positioned close to the birds' nesting sites.

The footage is then beamed to screens in the local Roundhouse café.

It was hoped that this year would be a new dawn, after Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) last year passed on the reins of the camera.

Cumnock Chronicle: The ospreys have always been popular with locals.The ospreys have always been popular with locals. (Image: NQ Archive)

However, it was announced this week that no camera will be in operation this year due to technical issues.

Local councillor, Drew Filson had been working on having the camera up and running in time for the ospreys taking up residence at Loch Doon for the summer.

But Cllr Filson has said that technical errors have meant that this won't be possible.

Responding to the issue being raised on social media, the Doon Valley candidate said: "East Ayrshire Leisure has been working tirelessly to have the cameras up and running for this year 2024.

"Solway ringers have been and fixed the nest. East Ayrshire Leisure were told the system was working.

"The battery system was found in the Loch - this was taken away and fixed at some cost.

"The only camera left is old and the problem is that the wi-fi is not connecting to the system."

Cumnock Chronicle: Councillor Drew Filson had hoped the camera would be up and running this year.Councillor Drew Filson had hoped the camera would be up and running this year. (Image: Drew Filson for the Doon Valley)

He added: "A considerable amount of money has also been spent to have this link up and running for this year by experts, but the wi-fi is simply not connecting to the link.

"As you will know, the signal at the Roundhouse area is not good.

"This is disappointing for us all as we were determined to have this ready for this season.

"A full new upgraded digital system will be installed for next season.

"East Ayrshire Leisure and Rangers will be at the roundhouse throughout the season with workshops about the Ospreys and showing footage of previous years."