Cumnock's newest business owner is hoping to lean on his own experience to bring something new to the town's pets - and their owners.

David Reid has opened the family-run K9 Revolution Raw store on Ayr Road, which aims to provide raw, nutritional meals for dogs.

Originally from Cumnock, David has a background as a professional dog trainer with K9 Revolution Dog Training, which he hopes gives him the knowledge and expertise to run the store successfully.

Cumnock Chronicle: Inside the new store.Inside the new store. (Image: NQ staff)

He said: "I just love dogs and through my time as a dog trainer I could see a direct correlation between good nutrition and a dog's behaviour.

"A dog's behaviour can be impacted by poor diet. There are numerous benefits to getting your dog onto a raw diet, and it's not as expensive as people might first expect.

"You generally have happier, healthier and fitter dogs on a better diet, so I pride myself on having quality stock and reputable brands.

"We've got lots of natural stuff and we're open for you to bring your dog in and have a look around the store yourself."

Cumnock Chronicle: David Reid is in charge of the new store.David Reid is in charge of the new store. (Image: NQ staff)

David grew up in Cumnock before moving to North Lanarkshire and settling in Coatbridge.

But he never let go of his ties to his home town - and says he spotted a gap in the local market which he now hopes to fill.

"It's something different like this that Cumnock needs," he said.

"We've got plenty of stuff that you won't find any chemicals or additives in.

"Usually people from Cumnock would have to drive to Kilmarnock or Ayr for things like this, and that's not always possible depending on a person's circumstances.

Cumnock Chronicle: NQ staffNQ staff (Image: NQ staff)

"Although I don't live here any more, I do think something different like this could be a good thing for the town.

"It's difficult trying to get a new business off the ground, and I'm trying to balance having good products and having fair prices for my stuff.

"People can come along and see what suits them."

Cumnock Chronicle:

The new store is open seven days a week, from 11am-5pm Saturday-Wednesday, and 11am-6pm Thursday and Friday.

You can find more information on the K9 Revolution Raw Facebook page.