The team behind a new support mechanism for those dealing with a loss have been delighted with how the idea has been received locally.

Wilson & Drury Funeral Service, which has premises in Mauchline, Cumnock and Dalmellington, and is due to open an office in Kilmarnock, came up with the 'letter to heaven' idea to help people deal with the grief of losing a loved one.

The funeral directors have the white boxes placed in the cemeteries at Mauchline, Cumnock, Catrine and Kilmarnock, with the idea that it might help a young child deal with expressing their feelings of losing someone close to them.

Cumnock Chronicle: One of the boxes can be found in Cumnock.One of the boxes can be found in Cumnock. (Image: NQ staff)

Having spotted the idea from England, Ryan Wilson, who is in charge of the directors along with Alisdair Drury, dedicated the Mauchline post box in memory of youngster, Brady Mullen from the town, who sadly passed away last year.

Through the years, Ryan has discovered how many people deal with grief in different ways - and he believes this can be another way in which people of all ages can come to terms with their own loss.

He said: "We had a mum from Mauchline who wanted to do one in memory of her son and we, as a business, wanted to get them in cemeteries across Ayrshire.

"It's essentially just a letter to heaven, so it can help kids understand what they're feeling.

"Nobody is going to read them because it's only us that's got the keys to the postboxes, so we'll make sure they're dealt with in an appropriate way so that nobody else sees them."

Cumnock Chronicle: People visiting Cumnock cemetery will be able to find one of the boxes at the entrance.People visiting Cumnock cemetery will be able to find one of the boxes at the entrance. (Image: NQ staff)

Ryan added: "It's just about the idea of where people think these letters are going and them being able to write down something that they might not be able say out loud.

"It might be something that people don't want to say to somebody else.

"Although the original idea was for children, it's really there to help anybody who has lost someone close to them.

"We've had some nice feedback about it being a great idea, so as long as it can help one person then it's worth it".