A COMMUNITY building in Catrine is in need of repair work, according to council officials - who have warned that the facility is "under-performing".

The main hall at the A.M. Brown Institute (AMBI) in the village has been closed following an investigation by structural engineers.

The building is managed by the Catrine Community Trust (CCT) under an agreement which East Ayrshire Council (EAC) agreed to extend last year.

A progress report on EAC's property management plan, reported to the local authority's cabinet, reveals that the AMBI has been given 'red' status, meaning it is deemed to be "under-performing".

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The latest report states that "a recent structural engineers report has resulted in the closure of the main hall."

A recommendation made in the report focuses on maintaining and addressing immediate health and safety concerns at the building.

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The report adds: "In last year’s property management plan, the recommendation was to 'develop a future plan for the building and identify investment required with the East Ayrshire Leisure Trust and CCT a with further report to cabinet within 12 months'.

"CCT estimates it will be a further year before a funded package/programme of works will be in place.

"No significant investment had been undertaken to the property as the long-term future is not established.

"A recent structural engineer's report has resulted in the closure of the main hall.

"Further investigations are being undertaken to determine the extent of the issue and the cost of repairs."