Plans for a new home in Cumnock look set to be refused after the proposals sparked a major backlash among residents.

An application from Campbell Homes Limited was submitted to the local authority for a new home to be added to a housing development by the same firm.

The proposals were for a new three-bedroom home off Rigg Road, behind properties on Hoyle Crescent and Hunters Way. 


But 16 objections were lodged against the proposals, with concerns including drainage, privacy and road safety.

Cumnock Chronicle: The proposed site in orange.The proposed site in orange. (Image: East Ayrshire Council)

And officials from East Ayrshire Council have now recommended that the application should be refused.

One objector states: "This [proposed house] will sit adjacent to my father's property and although instead of a double storey, it will be a single storey, it will still overshadow and encroach on the family home that my family have lived in for over 38 years.

"The applicant seems to be like a dog with a bone, and keeps applying for permission on this plot, probably hoping to wear the residents and council down so they agree to a build.

"Nothing has changed in my opinion apart from it’s a single storey."

Another stated: "The original plans for the housing development, off the Rigg Road site, which were at one time available to view at Cumnock Town Hall, showed the intention to provide a green landscaped buffer zone between this site and Hunters Way.

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"The building of another house at plot 105 will leave little or no room for such a buffer zone.

"I would consider any outcome which does not provide a decent landscaped zone and adequate and tidy arrangements for dealing with surface water as unsatisfactory."

The application will be considered by East Ayrshire Council's planning committee on Friday, March 15.

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A report by local authority officials on the application states: "The application fails to comply with the provisions of the development plan and the material considerations do not carry sufficient weight to suggest approval of the application."

You can view the full application on the East Ayrshire Council website, by searching for application 23/0660/PP.