A FUND-RAISING campaign has been launched to help ensure a Cumnock man and his terminally-ill partner can have the wedding day of their dreams in Prestwick.


Andrew Steed and Debbie Young have been together for more than a decade.

But in November Debbie received the news that she had terminal myeloma, a form of blood cancer.

Debbie worked as an NHS nurse for 33 years right up until her diagnosis.

Described by family, friends and work colleagues as "a beautiful person with a heart of gold", Debbie has cared and helped look after so many people over the years, with her friends and family now feeling like it’s time to return the favour.

Originally from Cumnock, Andrew met Debbie around 10 years ago. The couple now live in Hurlford.

A fund-raiser has been launched to support the couple and give them the perfect wedding day.

A target of £3,000 has been set to pay for the venue, the Carlton Hotel in Prestwick, and meet other costs associated with the big day.

The couple, who each have two children from previous relationships, hope to tie the knot on Wednesday, March 20, surrounded by friends and family.

So far, more than £1,800 has been raised, with friend Maxine Marshall praying the target can be reached for Andrew and Debbie, who she described as a "perfect couple".

Maxine said: "They're wonderful people and I just really hope they get the day that they deserve.

"I've known Andrew for over 20 years and it's heart-breaking what him and Debbie are going through.

"Andrew doesn't keep well himself sometimes, so the added stress of this is something we can hopefully take away from him.

"They're a perfect couple and we just hope it goes ahead smoothly.

"Debbie worked for the NHS for as long as she did, so it would be great for us to be able to give something back like this.

"It's about making it a day to remember and giving them some great memories."

You can support the push for Andrew and Debbie's big day by going to www.gofundme.com/f/wedding-wish-makers-debbie-andrew