Brave Mauchline youngster Ava Bolton has entered the next stage of her battle with cancer.

The four-year-old is bravely living with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma.

Over a quarter of a million pounds has been raised to get Ava to America from specialist treatment for her condition.

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Since her diagnosis last year, the Mauchline community and beyond have selflessly come together to support the battle of Ava, along with her parents, Scott and Natalie, and brother Lucas.

After setting up a fund to raise the money last April, the target was smashed by October.

Ava's current treatment is estimated to finish around the summer time.

Cumnock Chronicle: The Boltons.The Boltons. (Image: Charlie Gilmour)

After that, the youngster will again go through her final tests to confirm she is in complete remission at which point they have a short window of around 45 days to get to MSK in New York and get Ava's first vaccination.

Sharing an update on their brave daughter, the parents said: "Ava starts round two of five of her immunotherapy, she completed round one at the end of January.

"Immunotherapy consists of 10 doses with each one running for 24 hours, she was admitted for 12 days to complete the last round.

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"During round one she coped really well, the immunotherapy drug used can cause various, not very nice side effects, some of which she has already experienced during chemotherapy.

"The biggest side effect of this one though is pain, specifically nerve pain.

"It was described to us as, imagine stubbing you toe every three seconds. The antibody nips the nerve ending, stops, then nips another and so on."

Cumnock Chronicle: Ava with brother Lucas.Ava with brother Lucas. (Image: Help Our Ava)

They added: "For this reason Ava has been set up with a morphine pump which, during round one, she had running constantly.

"As the rounds go on, the body tolerates the pain more and we are hoping that she will be able to have part of this infusion done at home with use of an at-home pump.

"This is all dependent on the pain she is experiencing though. She will stay admitted at the moment to see how she copes and if she is doing well, we can hopefully have her at home and manage her pain with medicine with daily visits to the hospital to read the pump and refill.

"She is in good spirits and is showing off her her new pink lipstick to all the nurses and doctors".

The dedicated Help Our Ava Facebook page also has lots of information about various fundraisers and events taking place on Ava's behalf.