A man has been sentenced after threatening his parents during an argument over Emmerdale. 

Andrew Glass Armstrong Brown, 31, of Keir Hardie Hill in Cumnock, pleaded guilty to "behaving in a threatening and abusive manner" at Cameron Drive in Auchinleck on December 23 last year.

Court papers state that he repeatedly shouted, swore, acted in an aggressive manner, refused to leave the property when asked and uttered threats of violence. 

Speaking in court, the Fiscal Depute said that around 8.50pm on the night in question, Brown was in his parent's home and an argument broke out over Emmerdale. 

He refused to leave when asked and his parents felt threatened, later calling the police. Officers found the accused sitting on the couch and still refusing to leave. 

Brown began threatening officers, telling them "I'm going to smash you and take your jaw off", and was placed under arrest. 

He was given an 18 month supervised community payback order, and he must attend alcohol addiction services moving forward.